Elks Turkey Shoot

Saturdays 8am to 12pm

The Turkey Shoot

The Turkey Shoot is an outdoor shooting event where we shoot at paper targets with shotguns to win prizes!

We run two seasons each year, one in the spring and one in the fall and also a special memorial shoot in the summer. Keep an eye on our calendar and facebook pages for exact dates.

Come out and enjoy shooting shotguns at targets to win prizes and support your local Elks Lodge and the many local and national charitable events we provide!

This is a family friendly, relaxed turkey shoot; a place to come a socialize with old and new friends and enjoy the competition of shooting shotguns at targets to win prizes. We shoot sixteen rounds, each having a different price and prize. Prices range from two to five dollars and prizes include hams, turkeys, ribs, boston butts, steaks, sausages, pork loins and a money round.

Bring your own 12 GA shotgun or borrow one on the day.

We shoot 12 GA, 2 3/4 inch, number 8 shooting club target load shells at paper targets, which are 100ft from the shooting line.
You can shoot standing, resting on the shooting rail or by using your own shooting rest.


Due to the popularity of the event we offer prepayment for shooting lines. This enables shooters to reserve their favorite lines for all rounds one week in advance or for any multiple of weeks. Lines are reserved for a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of $40, the remaining cost for shooting all lines that day will be due on the day of the shoot. If the person reserving the line does not show for the reserved week, the line will be re-sold. If the Turkey Shoot is cancelled or not all the rounds are shot, then a refund will be issued.
Shooters must be present to signnp to shoot.

Turkey Shoot Rules

The Property

We are fortunate to have a beautiful 5-acre property at Elks Lane, off Fairchild Road, Crestview, FL 32539.

On the property we have a large pavilion providing much needed shade and shelter. The pavilion is used to serve refreshments, shooter sign-up and scoring.

We have hot and cold food, cold drinks and we have ice available for our shooters to keep their meat prizes cool on their way home.

We also have a portable restroom available during the Turkey Shoots.

The large flat field is also used for many youth sporting events like football, soccer and baseball during days and evenings when the Turkey Shoot is not taking place.

Our field is available for use by Members and private organizations, see Our Field for more information.


Youth Shoots

We hold two youth shoots each year, which is a great way to introduce your children to the fun sport of shooting in a safe environment.

For the youth shoots, we use 20GA shotguns. Shooters can bring their own gun or borrow one on the day.
Each shooter is settled at the shooting position before the shell is handed out. Only one youth is at the shooting position at a time. Parents may help their children or simply take photos or videos. The youth is fully monitored at all times for safety.

The Youth shoots have proven to be extremely popular with all the children have a great time.


The Characters

We have many shooters who come to each shoot and this has led to a great friendly atmosphere. People share guns, advice and of course the occasional joke and tall story.

Strange expressions and facial hair are totally optional.