How To Join The Elks

To be eligible for membership in the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, you must be a citizen of the United States over the age of 21 who believes in God.

You can be sponsored by any member in good standing from any lodge in the country. You'll also need two other Elks who will be your references. The Elk who proposes you for membership will provide you with a copy of the Membership Application, or will email you a link to the Online version of the form. Please follow all instructions and answer all questions. If applying via hard copy, please return your completed application to the Lodge Secretary.

If you do not know a current Elk please use the link below and your request will be forwarded to our lodge. Please search for Crestview during the Online process or enter our lodge number, which is 2624.

click here to fill out a membership inquiry form

Your application will be read at a regular Lodge meeting. It will then be forwarded to the Investigating Committee, who will call you and set up a time for you and your sponsor to meet with the committee so that they can interview you.

After the interview is concluded, the committee will report to the Lodge concerning your membership. The members will be given a notice not less than 10 days nor more than two months before the vote will be taken.

When the vote is concluded, you will be notified and asked to present yourself and your spouse for indoctrination. During indoctrination, you will learn more about the Order's programs and charities. You will also be told during the program the date you will be initiated.

After initiation as an Elk, you can take part in all meetings and social functions of the Lodge.

If for any reason your application is rejected, you can submit a new application for membership after six months from the date of rejection.

Local lodges are everywhere and can be found using our Online directory to locate a Lodge near you.

Be sure to let us know how it turns out at


Is it time for you to come forward and volunteer to help at your Lodge? Crestview Lodge has a strong tradition of service and involvement in the community through our participation in activities with youth and veteran’s activities as well as participation in patriotic endeavors, ceremonies, and other community events and activities. Lodge members also enjoy the benefits of various social events and other activities offered by the lodge such as breakfast and dinner fund-raisers, bingo, dances and entertainment, parties, and other activities.

However, there is a price to “pay” for all these activities. Volunteers do this “work”! Now, here lies the problem. Of the over 138 dues paying members, there are only about 20 members who are carrying the load and doing the work. For us to prosper, become financially stable and to continue to grow and stay involved in the community, much less the various state activities, your help is needed!

How can you help? Contact the Exalted Ruler, Mark Smith or the Chairman of the House Committee, Jim Cauley and tell them you are interested in working on a committee or helping out cooking. Volunteer for clean-up days and other fund-raisers and activities. Not sure where you can help? ASK!!!

Your attention is called to the following excerpts from What it Means to be an Elk, published by Elks USA. “The charitable and community-service acts of your Lodge will require the personal energies of more that just it’s Officers. Each member should be ready to cooperate with a request for volunteer service within reasonable capabilities.” “It is only by continuing such a spirit of cooperation that our Lodge can maintain itself as the source of community service and harmony it is designed and intended to be. And it is only by generously putting yourself and your dedication into our Lodge works and associations that you will gain for yourself the greatest satisfaction and happiness possible from your membership in the Order of the Elks.”

The Crestview Lodge continually demonstrates that "Elks Care--Elks Share". Join the effort to make our lodge a better and stronger organization